Fees and Penalties


Design Review and Archive Fees


The following current schedule of fees is applicable to all residential building permits


New single-family residence (includes all amenities in initial application) $ 40 per 100 square feet for heated and cooled


Non-refundable road use fee $ 3,000


Additions or Alterations


$ 300 for Additions and Alterations 0-499 sq ft (heated and cooled)

$ 500 for Additions and Alterations 500-1,000 sq ft(heated and cooled)

Additions of more than 1,000 sq ft (heated and cooled) will be treated as new construction with a fee of $ 40 per 100 square feet.


Other Additions or Supplemental Applications


Garages or Carports $ 400

Pools or Spas $ 400

Beach Walkway $ 150

Gazebos or Boat Houses $ 150

Decks or Porches $ 150

Fences, Walls or Service Yards $ 100

Demolition of Existing Structure(s) $ 100

Docks or Bulkheads $ 150

Tree Removal (1 to 10 trees) $ 20

Tree Removal (over 10) $ 30

View Easement $ 300

Additional Inspections $ 50

Change Requests $ 50

Re-inspection Fee $ 50

Note: Minor Exterior alterations (not changing the footprint, e.g., windows, doors, skylights) – fee to be determined by the ARB at time of submission.


Design and Construction Compliance


The following escrow (security) deposits must be received by the ARB prior to issuance of an Approval of Design for Construction. Deposits will be refunded in full to the builder and/or owner, as applicable, after final inspection and approval by the ARB representative – assuming no non-compliance penalties have been assessed against the project.


New Single Family Residence


Landscape Deposit (refundable) $3000

Clean-up and Compliance Deposit by Builder $2000


Additions or Major Alterations


Clean-up and Compliance $1000


Minor Alterations or Other Additions (including beach walkways, decks, fences)


Clean-up and Compliance $ 500


Fees for multi-unit construction will be assessed on the same basis as single family residences with the exception of the following fees: Non refundable road use fee, landscape deposit and clean up and compliance deposit by builder, will be 50% of the amount specified for single family units times the number of units. (example: road use fee for 16 unit condominium would be $3000. x .50 x 16= $24,000.)

Footnote: Fees for multi-unit construction will be completed on the same basis as single family residence. Deposits for multi-unit construction will be 50% of the amount specified for single family units times the number of units. (Example: 16 unit condominium Damage Deposit 3,000 x .50 x 16) Multi-unit/developer road use fee at $5.00 per square foot of road frontage and any heavily used access road.


Violation Assessments


As indicated in the ADC (Approval of Design Construction) Agreements, of which this is a part, the following schedule of penalties for the indicated compliance or rules violations will apply to the project:

Clearing of the site (removal of any tree) or start of construction before ADC issuance (See tree damage penalty schedule)

Construction does not conform to the plans as approved by the ARB. $500 per violation.

Failure to post ADC Permits. …$ 25 a day after two working days telephone notice.

Violation of any sign rule………$ 25 a day after two working days telephone notice.

No portable toilet and trash container at job site…….$ 100 a day after two working days telephone notice.

Failure to provide adequate trash receptacles or failure to keep site clear……$50 per violation plus $25 per day until compliance.

Improper hauling of trash. Spills on road or road right of way……$50 per violation plus clean up cost. $25 per day until compliance.

Burning Construction debris…..$ 100.00 per violation

Damage to road pavement, curbs, and roads……$500 per violation plus cost of restoration. $50 per day until compliance after a predetermined date at the end of construction.

Failure to submit “as-built survey” after pouring the footings and prior to start of any framing.All construction will be halted until survey is delivered to ARB and approved. (Up to total compliance deposit may be charged.)

Failure to initiate continuous construction within 6 months of transmittal of the approved Building Permit to the applicant, without approved written extension of time granted by the ARB.

Revocation of ARB approval and ADC, may require resubmission & fines assessed against deposits.

Failure to substantially complete project within one year after transmittal of the approved ADC or after the expiration of approved written extensions granted by ARB. 10% of the total Escrow Deposit each month (excluding parts of a month) up to the total deposit.

Failure to build, finish, and landscape in accordance with the plans as approved by the ARB within the time line specified by the covenants and guidelines. Fines up to the amount of escrow plus the possibility of expenses. 10% of landscape deposit each month


Tree damage penalty


The intent of this section is to emphasize the importance of trees to be saved, maintaining the park like setting of Bloody Point per the covenants of Bloody Point. All trees to be saved shall be maintained in an undamaged condition. Accidental damage due to dead trees falling, equipment breakdown, or any act on the part of the contractor and / or owner deemed by the ARB to be unavoidable would not warrant a penalty. However, the owner will be liable for consistent accidental damage to existing trees. Damage due to improper location of utility trenches or ditches will not be considered accidental. The owner will be responsible for damage on the part of the contractor, whether by method of excavation, use of improper equipment, incompetence of any operator or failure to properly inform operators as determined by the ARB.

All trees on site shall be saved except those specifically marked for removal with a red ribbon and on an ARB approved site plan / tree survey. No tree, either those marked for removal or any other tree may be removed prior to the ARB’s inspection and written approval. Trees will be rated by the ARB as to species, condition, and site importance with the following figures acting as maximum penalties and the minimum penalty amounting to no less than one-half these figures.


Trees Penalty schedule:


Caliper at 4.5’ above ground Max. Penalty per Tree

Pines Oaks Other Hardwoods

6” – 8” $ 600 $2000 $1,000

8” – 10” $ 750 $2,500 $1,250

10” – 14” $1,500 $5,000 $2,500

14” – 20” $2,000 $6,750 $3,500

20” and larger $2,500* $8,500** $4,500

*plus $ 250 per inch over 20 inches ** plus $ 500 per inch over 20 inches

Note : Pines over 24” are valued the same as oaks.

Building occupancy prior to issuance of Bloody Point Certificate of Complete Occupancy.

As determined by ARB, up to total compliance deposit plus $100 per day until Certificate of Completion is issued. Any additional inspections after the initial inspection will be charged at $50 per site visit.

Trespass onto adjoining lots or POA property of personnel, equipment, material storage, etc. $250 per violation plus restoration costs. $50 per day until compliance.


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