Future Improvement and Exterior Changes


The primary purpose of the Covenants and Guidelines is to regulate the creation of a community which is aesthetically and functionally convenient for all residents and visitors. These restrictions governing proposed residences and houses under construction extends to existing houses rquiring every house in Bloody Point to be maintained in a manner conforming to these guidelines.


Re-painting or Re-staining


If re-painting or re-staining a different color from the original, a letter requesting approval must be submitted to the ARB along with color samples. When approved, the applicant will be notified by letter.




No alteration, affecting the exterior appearance of any building, structure or landscape shall be made without prior approval of the Board. A request for approval will be submitted to the ARB including a completed Review Board Application form, all drawings necessary to define the proposed improvement, color samples, site stakeout and any required fess and deposits. When approved, a Bloody Point Certificate of Plan Acceptance must be issued prior to commencement of any clearing, material delivery and construction.




Every property owner is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the building structures on their property. If, in the opinion of the ARB, buildings become unsightly or unkempt, a letter will be issued. Any condition not repaired within 60 days will be corrected by the ARB and billed to the property owner.




Every property owner is responsible for preventing the development of any unclean, unsightly or unkempt conditions of buildings or yards which shall reduce

the beauty of the neighborhood as a whole or the specific area. In landscaped areas, bed and lawn areas must be maintained. In natural areas, weed growth must be controlled. Dead trees need to be removed. Any proposed changes in landscaping such as fences, fountains, lighting, drives, walks, landscape structures and statuaries must be approved by the ARB. Unkempt conditions not corrected within 60 days after notification by the ARB will be corrected by the ARB and billed to the property owner.




The use of any sign for renting or selling of a property is prohibited. Single family residences will be identified by the house number.






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