ARB Guidelines


Guidelines for Design and Construction


Congratulations on making the commitment to build at Bloody Point. The following guidelines have been created in an effort to establish and explain the aesthetic of Bloody Point and to help you through the design and building process.

It is the intent of the Bloody Point Property Owners Association to maintain the community in the attractive and responsible way in which it has evolved, enhancing the overall beauty and cohesiveness, protecting the natural environment and value of Bloody Point.

The Property Owners Association is dedicated to creating a unique and ecologically sensitive community of residences. To achieve these objectives, the Association has established architectural design and construction philosophies.

The building should be unobtrusive in form and color, traditional in character and fit appropriately into the existing landscape. While no architectural style has been set, the primary concern is that the community be free from discordant or competing architectural shapes and designs. The use of regional architectural styles is encouraged. (eg. “The Lowcountry house”). The Lowcountry style evolved as an alternative to the colonial and classical styles. It accommodated the warmer coastal environment of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

These guidelines provide a framework for maintaining consistency, continuity, architectural integrity and quality while allowing flexibility for creative and innovative design solution since each building site involved its’ own unique opportunities.

The ARB has been established to administer these concepts. To that end, the ARB has the responsibility to preserve the natural beauty of Bloody Point and maintain the Development as a pleasant and desirable environment, and to establish and preserve a harmonious design for the community.

The design guidelines are discussed in Section 1 The design construction process is discussed in Section 2 Sections 3 through 6 are the ” rules of the road”. They are the disciplines that make the process orderly and predictable, including fees, deposits and fines for non-compliance.

We are here to help and would like your feedback. We want design and building a house in Bloody Point to be an exciting and enjoyable experience.


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