The annual meeting of the Bloody Point Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday April 2, 2016 at the Bloody Point Clubhouse at 9:00am.


February 2, 2016


Fellow Property Owners,


Last night (February 1) the Planning Commission of Beaufort County approved the master plan change for Bloody Point by a vote of 6-1. At a hearing that lasted approximately three hours the planner, Mark Baker, made a presentation which, taking into consideration comments by our owners, reflected a change in the scope of the proposed inn from 120 rooms to 60 rooms and a reduction in the originally proposed 50,000 square feet of retail space to 25,000. Ed Hughes, the attorney working on the project discussed specific legal aspects of the covenants that are in place, and Andy Mason gave a review of the real estate issues throughout the county and the economic impact to the island. Brian McCarthy spoke about the financial issues and difficulties in running a golf course that has very limited play and I spoke to the support by the board based upon the history of problems on the island and the need for a stable situation as opposed to a return to the weed infested shutdown that occurred after the resort bankruptcy.

Many of our property owners sent in letters of support to the planning commission and there were several owners present at the hearing who spoke in favor and a few in opposition.

The commission recognized the needs of Daufuskie and made pointed comments about the depth of commitment that the McCarthy family has made to Bloody Point.

The proposal now goes to the Natural Resources committee of the county and then onto the Beaufort County Council for three hearings before a final vote is taken.

If you have questions or comments, please call or email me or any of the board members.

All contact information is on our website at


Tony Simonelli

President, Bloody Point Property Owners Association

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