The annual meeting of the Bloody Point Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday March 28, 2015 at the Bloody Point Clubhouse at 9:00am.



     FEBRUARY 10, 2015


FELLOW BLOODY POINT PROPERTY OWNERS .                                           

 The annual meeting of the Bloody Point Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday March
28, 2015 at the Bloody Point Clubhouse at 9:00am. 2014 at Bloody Point has seen a great deal of positives in nearly every way. The McCarthy family has continued to improve every aspect of the club and your POA has continued to work on making the community the finest on the island. The restaurant has been humming all year, the golf course is the best it has been in years and the number visitors staying in both club owned and owner properties hit a new high.

 Your POA had Bloody Point Drive and a portion of Fuskie Lane repaved.The front entrance landscaping is being upgraded. Most significantly, the beach had a remarkable gain in sand along the second groin. While other areas of the island are grappling with beach erosion issues our beach is in great shape.

 The Bloody Point Club moved the embarkation for its water taxi system to the Westin Hotel in Savannah in April and it has been a very positive change. The water taxi schedule of six round trips per day have made a very positive contribution to living or visiting the island.

There is a new water taxi on the way which will hold 35 passengers and has a kitchen area for potential use. The opening up of Savannah to Bloody Point owners and residents is very positive especially when flying in to visit. Traveling from the airport to the embarkation at the Westin takes only 19 minutes.

The Andrews home on Fuskie Lane is complete and is a great addition to the community. Property sales have picked up on the island albeit at prices below the highs.

 We will have a golf outing late Saturday morning. There will also be dinner at the Eagles Nest on both Friday and Saturday evenings. On Saturday morning there will be a continental breakfast before the meeting beginning at 8:30am.

 There are many places to stay in Bloody Point for the weekend including the Osprey Cottage, the home owned by the Club on River Road and homes owned by the Club on Beach Road.

 For those coming in through Savannah, the POA will pay for your water taxi rides for the meeting weekend. Please contact the club at 843 341-5505 for reservations. The water taxi leaves from the Westin on Hutchinson Island in Savannah at 7:00am on Saturday. For that morning’s water taxi or if you want to come in on Friday ask for Tai or Carmen for reservations.

 It is VERY IMPORTANT to have a quorum to conduct business of the Association. If you cannot attend please be sure to sign and return the proxy immediately. You may email it to GW Services at  .


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