The annual meeting of the Bloody Point Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday March 22, 2014 at the Bloody Point Clubhouse at 8:30am. As you know, Bloody Point is a fully functioning entity now after four years in the wilderness. The golf course has opened and is available for play. The Grand Re-Opening was held last Memorial Day weekend and was a success.  The tennis courts have been refurbished as has the pool. The Osprey Cottage (formerly the Spa) is complete  with seven beautiful bedrooms and a great gathering room. If you are interested in staying in the Osprey Cottage for the meeting weekend please call 843 341-5505 and ask for Julianna McCarthy or Tai Ford. The restaurant is humming and the new screened in porches are great spots to have a meal. The new ferry service to and from Savannah from the dock off the 17th green has been terrific and easy way for members to access the property. Brian McCarthy has followed through on his vision for Bloody Point and for that we can all be very thankful.

There will be a golf tournament on the Bloody Point course this year for the first time since 2008. A tennis event is also being planned for the date. In addition we will be planning for dinner at the Eagles Nest restaurant on both Friday and Saturday evenings. There will be a continental breakfast on the morning of the meeting at 8:00am.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have a quorum to conduct the business of the Association. If you cannot attend, please be sure to sign and return the proxy immediately. You may fax it to GW Services at 843 686-4052, email it to or return it to them by mail.

The nominating committee has met in accordance with the by-laws. The committee notes the following:

Current Board Composition:


Member Term in Years Served Remaining Expires
Tony Simonelli 3 2 1 2014
Mike Loftus 3 2 1 2015
Rich Silver 3 2 1 2014
Tony Rivellino 2 1 1 2014
Bob Webb 3 2 1 2015
Bill Greenwood 1 1 0 2013
George Shingler 1 1 0 2013


Bill Greenwood will not be standing for another term on the Board. In his stead Joe Moravy is being nominated for a three year term to expire in March 2016. Mr. Moravy, a Sandy Lane owner of several years, is a CPA. George Shingler is being nominated for a one year term.

There will be an election for these seats at the Annual Meeting.

Accompanying this letter is a proxy form that we ask you to fill out and return according to the instructions. We also ask that you let us know your plans as soon as possible for attendance at the meeting.

For those of you who will be attending the meeting, ferry access directly into Bloody Point can be had from the Savannah Bend Marina on Wilmington Island. The POA will pick up the charge for the round trip to Daufuskie. When the date gets closer you should make reservations by calling the Pro Shop at 843 341-5505. The ferry will leave Savannah Bend at 7:00am on the day of the meeting. Return will be at 4:00pm. There is also a ferry at 3:00pm from Savannah Bend for those who are coming over and staying before the meeting date. This letter and the accompanying information will also be posted on our website

Please try to attend. We need your continued support to make Bloody Point the finest community on the island. We would like to have as much input and involvement from our owners as possible. The new era at Bloody Point has begun and we want all owners to share in it.


Tony Simonelli

President, Bloody Point Property Owners Asociation

843 842-4570

Preliminary Meeting Agenda

Proxy Form

Proposed Operating Budget

2012 Annual Meeting

If any of these items are missing please email

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